Rick Brown running for County Commissioner District 3


Rick Brown running for County Commissioner District 3

Oklahoma voters will head to the polls June 28, 2022. Tillman County voters who are registered republicans will be able to vote for County Commissioner District 3.

The five candidates are all republicans:

  • John Naramor
  • Levi Krasser
  • Ed Wilkerson
  • Steve Catlege
  • Rick Brown

Each candidate was afforded the same opportunity and provided with the same questions to let Tillman County residents get to know them.

Rick Brown said he is running for County Commissioner to work with the citizens of the county to meet their needs, help county operations run smoothly, and to fulfill obligations that are set forth by state and federal requirements.

Brown said he would love to see improvements made in the County, including the county roads, prioritizing projects that need completing, and he would also like to help the citizens of Tillman County.

Brown said he would make a good County Commissioner because of his qualifications.

“I have experience with farming, running large equipment, road boring, and laying concrete,” Brown said. “I work well with others. I listen to others’ concerns and try to help find ways to work with them to resolve their issues.”

Brown said something he would like citizens to know about him is his faith is deeply rooted in church.

“I am the son of a Baptist preacher,” Brown said. “My faith is deeply rooted in the Church. I enjoy spending time with my family. I love talking to people to learn more about them.”

Brown said the most pressing needs for infrastructure or capital projects in the county are maintaining roadways, bridges, and ditches. Brown also said the county should encourage building and development.

Brown said writing policies and procedures should be discussed by all commissioners.

“I believe polices should be discussed amongst all commissioners, and then crafted by a board, reviewed by the commissioners and voted on before implementing any changes,” Brown said.

Brown said he doesn’t plan to promote any changes to existing taxes.

Brown said his experience with preparing and authorizing budgets is managing personal finances.

Brown also said if new resources became available to the county, he would like to invest in new equipment.

When asked, should any part of the county budget be shielded from cuts, Brown said funding for roads and equipment maintenance should be shielded from those cuts.

Brown said the most effective part of the county government is the commission system.

“This system brings together all district commissioners to work collectively in finding solutions to issues that the county faces on a daily basis,” Brown said.

When asked about taxes, Brown said they are about right.

When asked about county employee wages, Brown said, “That’s a difficult question to answer. We need more people to work, which requires a moderate wage, however, quality, dependable applicants deserve a higher wage.”

Brown said he has no plans for unions for County employees.

Brown said citizens would not get better services if more things were contracted to private companies.

“This would not be cost effective. Spending money to upgrade or maintain the county’s equipment cost less than hiring out services to a private provider,” he said.

Brown concluded with, “I would like to thank everyone for their time and support.”

If you can’t make it to the polls on June 28, you can vote early on June 23 or June 24 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Tillman County Courthouse.


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