Commissioner Joe Don Dickey statement


“Joe Don Dickey has served as Tillman County Commissioner for almost twenty-two years. He has been Tillman County’s representative on the Circuit Engineering District Board #7 for twenty years; ten of those years as Chairman. Through joint venture approved by the Attorney General of the State of Oklahoma and led by legal counsel, the board approved the construction of an oil emulsion plant for the purpose of making road material for counties. Mr. Dickey and three others have been charged with the crimes of embezzlement and conspiracy. All actions performed were in board meetings with minutes taken and approved by the entire board, with the advice of legal counsel. All of the accused have obtained personal legal counsel. It will take time for the attorneys to build their case and prove their innocence. Mr. Dickey promised his constituency that he would finish this job. The law states that you are innocent until proven guilty, please allow all of the evidence to be provided before making any judgments about his innocence or guilt. Upon the advice of counsel, Mr. Dickey will take no questions. His attorney is John Zelbst of Lawton, Oklahoma.”


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