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Frederick sees first snow of 2019


Many citizens of Frederick were out and about last week building snowmen, snow animals, having snowball fights and various other fun snow day activities. It wasn’t just children getting in on the fun. One man, Hunter Russell, also built a snowman.

It wasn’t built in a place you typically find snow people, Russell choosing instead to build his snowman in the middle of 15th Street near Frederick Elementary School.

“The reason I put it in the road is because Snow Cold Freeze Austin was warning everyone about the ice on the roads,” Russel said. “And people would have to slow down when they went by him. That’s why he wore the caution tape.”

While Russell and others saw the snowman as a warning to use caution to slowdown on the icy roads, others saw it as hazard and it wasn’t long until the police were called.

“He was there for probably an hour and a half,” Russell said. “Lots of people stopped and took pictures.”

Russell took a video recording of the snowman in the road and also captured the moment the police arrived on scene and again when a city worker showed up to scrape the demolished snowman off the street. The video has been shared across Facebook and Russell said it would be cool if his video went viral.

The end of the video shows Russell in mourning giving a eulogy for poor Snow Cold Freeze Austin, “who is gone but not forgotten.”

“It would be awesome to get the #SnowmenLivesMatter movement going,” Russell said.

Frederick Public School students enjoyed an extra day of Christmas break due to the first snowfall of 2019. The first snow also gave folks a chance to put their new year’s resolutions into practice.

Brittany Olsen took her children out and had a snowball fight with them.

“I made a few vows to myself, and one of them was to get out and live life more as we head into the new year,” Olsen said. “I’ve developed a pattern of making excuses for myself, and wanted to focus on remembering how much joy comes out of enjoying the simple things in life, like snowball fights in the snow with my family! While we were out I stopped to appreciate the sound of fresh snow crunching under my feet, the calmness and quiet that comes with snow, and the feel of fresh snowflakes on my tongue! It was awesome!”

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