Voters approve consolidation of Olustee School District, Eldorado School District into Olustee-Eldorado School District by more than 90 percent

By Ryan Lewis - [email protected]

A Special Election was held Tuesday to determine the fate of two propositions to consolidate and rename the Eldorado and Olustee school districts.

After the final tally, both the consolidation and the proposed plan were overwhelmingly approved in both districts.

The proposition to approve the consolidation of the two districts was approved by Eldorado district voters by 123 in favor to six against while Olustee district voters approved to the proposition by 145 in favor to 6 against.

The proposed plan to rename the consolidated district as the Olustee-Eldorado School District effective July 1 was approved by Eldorado district voters 119 in favor to eight against and by Olustee district voters 143 in favor to six against.

In addition to renaming the school district, the proposed plan called for the creation of a temporary seven-member Board of Education for the consolidated district and provided the criteria in which both certified and non-certified staff are to be retained in the new district.

The board is slated to determine the new mascot and school colors and the Eldorado gym will be used for some basketball games and tournaments to maintain community involvement and interest in the new district.

By Ryan Lewis

[email protected]

Reach Ryan Lewis at 580-482-1221, ext. 2076.

Reach Ryan Lewis at 580-482-1221, ext. 2076.

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